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legal notes

Terms and conditions

1. Bare boat charter
The terms and conditions from the respective charter company are applicable and will be made available upon request, at the latest with the return of your booking/reservation form. The contract will exist directly between you and the charter company. We offer our free services as translator, mediator etc.

2. Berth charter
Please note this is not a package cruise with stewards, cook and crew. Our sailing trips have a learning aspect, hands on is the motto.

We reserve the right to alter the port of departure, ports of call and the final port of arrival, even at short notice. This situation may occur due to weather, technical or organisational problems. Safety has priority. The skipper’s decision is final.

All members of the crew are expected to help with the sailing, cooking and washing up. Each member should feel committed to actively take part and be willing to cooperate in all aspects with the other members.

Accommodation is generally in a double berth cabin, it is possible, at extra charge to book this for a single person.

Participation is open for persons who are able to swim for at least 15mins and who enjoy good health and suffer no infectious disease. Physical or psychological limitations are, for reasons of safety, to be declared at the time of making your booking/reservation. Sight limitations are to be corrected by wearing glasses or contact lenses. Minimum age is 14 years. Participation is strictly at your own risk. Insurance is recommended.

Upon receipt of your booking confirmation a payment of 30% of the price is due. Eight weeks before the starting date a further payment of 30% is due. Four weeks prior to the set date the difference is due.

If you cancel or postpone the planned trip, up to four weeks before the starting date, there will be processing charges of 10% of the complete price. Two weeks before starting date charge will be 15%. Less than two weeks, when no substitute is offered the complete price of the sailing trip will be charged. To avoid this, we strongly recommend “cancellation insurance”. Please note that by postponement, your choice of yacht might not be available for the new date.


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